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Sitting in the centre of the Algarve, just 30 minuts from Faro Airport, we come to the major holiday resort of Albufeira.  Steeped in history, this was named Baltum by the Romans, but it was the Arabs (8th C) who renamed it Al-Buhera, which means ‘Castle on the Sea’. Indeed castle ruins can still be seen here, as well as beautiful old churches, buildings, bridges etc. There are roman bridges nearby at Paderne and Guia and in the old part of town, ruins of the ancient city walls can still be seen.
Until the 1960’s, Albufeira was a small traditional fishing village.  Now adays, it’s the major tourist centre of the Algarve with a vibrancy and charm that is hard to beat.   Still retaining much of its fishing village character, Albufeira is a modern, lively, pleasure resort with lots to do and see.  A mixture of old - with its narrow streets, traditional white houses, churches, ruins, castle, fishing boats and beautiful ocean - with new, a buzzing, bustling place with modern shops, restaurants, street cafes, watersports, museums, trips and excursions (Hey kids! try Zoomarine or Slide and Splash) boat tours, yachts, great music and so much more! 
Albufeira - simply beautiful beaches
Three of the most beautiful beaches in the central Algarve lie within easy reach just west of Albufeira.  These are Sao Rafael, Castelo and Gale – but there are lots of others to choose from, many secluded, peaceful and quiet. Cliff top paths afford spectacular views – especially at sunset.  Perhaps the most stunning is on the eastern side of Albufiera at the belvedere of “Pau de Bandeira” where you can enjoy the exquisite quality of light and air, fantastic sights and take wonderful, panoramic photographs of the whole town with its white houses, beach and fishing boats.  Breathtaking!
If you love hiking, ornithology or wildlife, the coast from Albufiera to Vila Real de St Antonio is dominated with beautiful sandy expanses, overgrown dunes and sweet smelling pinewoods.  Offshore sandbars and lagoons give protection to flora and fauna from the open seas and provide an interesting and stimulating environment in which to explore.  Or travel inland through citrus orchards and vineyards into the open hills and experience the sights, sounds smells, tastes and touch of the wonderful Algarve hinterland.
If you’re a golf enthusiast, visit the Salgados golf course nearby for a great round, or the many fantastic courses only a short drive away.
Whatever your holiday desire, you can be sure that Albufeira goes a long way to meet it!  Happy holiday!

Albuefira beach

Albufeira beach
Albufeira markets
Albufeira markets
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Albufeira is one of the finest beach resorts in the Algarve. Albufeira has an excellent choice of Algarve apartments.
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