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Algarve, Portugal, your apartment - Superb Wining and Dining
Whilst your apartment in the Algarve offers self catering it is worth taking every opportunity to get out and enjoy the cuisine of Portugal. Luz has developed on its traditional foundations over recent years to offer a variety of cuisine for the holiday maker. Dishes of all varieties can be found, the speciality lies with traditional delicacies and seafood. But Italian, Chinese, Indian and more are also available. The local restaurants have built a strong reputation for good service and a wide variety of local and International dishes. There are also a number of particularly good beach bars close to the apartments.

cafe sao jorge

So much to choose from
The Algarve offers a number of distinct and delicious flavours. Each restaurant has its own specialties and techniques and you will find an abundance of choice, particularly with seafood. Local specialties include fish soups, fresh tuna fish and delicious bbq grilled sardines.

To start, the traditional "caldo verde", an emerald green soup combining cabbage, spices and slices of the Portuguese pork sausage "chouriço" is a must. Also highly recommended is the traditional “caldeirada”, the clam or seafood “cataplana” and the grilled sardines. Fried cuttle-fish with ink and octopus salad are other dishes well worth trying.

Cheeses are many and varied, the "Queijo da Serra", a sheep cheese, has a smooth consistency and delicate flavour often compared to a fine Brie and can be found throughout Portugal.

If you still have room, the famous “ovos moles” pastries can be found in a variety of forms sprinkled with cinnamon or with grated walnut or almond, if you are full then there the Algarve is stacked with stores where you can buy them and and return to your apartment to enjoy whilst admiring a long Portugal sunset.

algarve restaurant dish

A drink to finish
Time for a drink? Portugal is rich in fine wines with more than one hundred varieties grown from the rich and fertile soils. Port wine is perfect to accompany the fine cheeses, with its rich colour and taste. Madeira wines offer a more refined fruity bouquet that you serves well as a dessert or appetiser whilst Algrave wines are light, fruity and not too full-bodied, the red wines sit well with grilled meat and codfish. Your apartment will have a fridge and pantry enabling you to stock up on Algarve wines.

So what is the secret of this great wine?, well there are too many to tell but you may be interested to know that two thirds of the worlds cork supply comes from Portugal!

So wherever you stay in Algarve, Portugal. Our rental apartments on offer allow you the flexibility to go out and enjoy fine cuisine or bring it back to the privacy of your own apartment.

portuguese wine

Algarve portugal apartments provide you with everything you need in the Algarve. Portugal apartments are renowned for their high quality and those listed here are no exception, demonstrating the best the Algarve and Portugal has.


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