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Why list your Algarve apartment rental with us?
This site has been developed exclusively for those looking to advertise and find apartment & condo rentals in the Algarve. No villas, no other countries just an entire site whose content, marketing and development is based around self catering apartments rentals.
As a site that concentrates only on the Algarve you can also take advantage of the fact you are talking to a targeted audience. Visitors to our site have already decided they want an Algarve rental apartment.
We are getting outstanding results in the search engines at the moment and you can check it out for yourself:

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In addition to the largest volume search engines shown above, we also feature at the top or highly on many of the other search engines such as Alta Vista, Ask, Look Smart, All the Web & Overture.
We also feature on the first page of the search engines for numerous other phrases including "algarve apartments", "algarve holiday apartments", "rent algarve apartments", "holiday apartments in the algarve" and more. On Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines you will also find us at the top or highly placed for regional phrases such as "apartments to rent in Albufeira" ...Burgau" ... Lagos" etc.
These results were correct as of 19th August 2009. 
Our advertising rates are as follows and we have kept it simple. Feel free to contact us as we often run specials and promotions:
Apartment Listing
12 months 
Single property
(view an example of
 £99 or €125
 One property page including up to eight photos with descriptions, regional information, golf information, beach information, rates and a property overview. Include your personal contact details.
 Additional properties  
£60 or €85 per property

More than 10 properties? Take advantage of even better rates - contact us now for an individual quote based on your needs.   
Agents welcome.
Reasons to list your Algarve apartment rental with us:
  • Affordable, sensible rates for both Algarve apartment owners and agents.
  • A professional site that actively promotes all aspects of the Algarve.
  • Gain great exposure for your apartment rental through outstanding search engine coverage and a number of powerful strategic partnerships (you found us so imagine how many other people searching for Algarve apartments are finding us!). Try searching for Algarve rental apartments in, or - thats right, we are consistently number one or close to the top for this and numerous other relevant Algarve apartment rental phrases  
  • User friendly site. Extensive user testing has shown this formula works, its professional, fast loading and looks great. All this reflects directly on your property.
  • Great source of information about the Algarve (golf, beaches, travel etc). This section is also planned to develop extensively as other apartment owners come onboard with rental properties throughout the Algarve.
  • Advertise on a site that exclusively focuses on Algarve apartment rentals in all marketing and content development, no other countries, no other options just a pure focus on your apartment or villa.
  • Pay for your rental property. Just think how many bookings you need to justify a cost of only £99/125euros, it could be so easy to pay for your apartment rental!
  • Maintain control over your page. Amends to the site can be made for free whenever you need to change personal details or  
If you are interested in having your Algarve rental apartment listed with us then please email , alternatively you can contact us by phone on + 44 141 416 2967. If you register now, send us description and photos your site could be up and live within a few days!
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Algarve apartment rental offers self catering holiday apartment rental throughout the Algarve plus information on flights, car hire, maps, weather, golf and apartment property in the Algarve, Portugal.
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